These lovely, endless summer days are proving to be a big hit. People are enjoying being out with their friends and making the most of the wonderful weather and all the amazing places we can go in the City to enjoy.

On Wednesday, we went along to the Otterspool Promenade and enjoyed the lovely breeze by the River Mersey.  We laid out our picnic blankets and enjoyed our lunches together. 

Afterwards, we all had a laugh playing some games. Chris loved joining in with the football with Tom and Jamie.  We played badminton, catch, frisbee and Sharon was superb with the cricket bat and ball! 

Then, the ice cream van came along, we were all hot after the games and we  then relaxed with our cold drinks and ice lollies.

It was lovely to people watch while we were there and we seen a guy with the most amazing kites, one was a huge octopus and then lots and lots of little kites all in a row, we were  transfixed watching them. 

Some of us took advantage of the day by having a wee nap in the sunshine, it was heavenly.

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