People we support have been asking to go on a coach trip so that is what we organised!. People suggested where they wanted to go and Llandudno was top of the list, along with Blackpool Illuminations and Christmas Markets.  We didn’t want to disappoint anyone so we booked all 3!  The first of these trips was to go to Llandudno and what a day it was.

As we travelled along the A55 we were greeted by the most vivid and beautiful rainbow it was just beautiful and a great start for what was a FABULOUS day.

We arrived in Llandudno and it was a bit blustery thanks to Storm Ali, that didn’t dampen our spirits and we made our way to the seafront watching the wind whipping little water cyclones up on the waves. 

At lunch time people went off with their friends to different places for their lunch.  Some people went to the pub, others for fish and chips and some to the gorgeous little cafes that Llandudno is blessed with. 

Diane our CEO said “It was a windy, wonderful welcome to Llandudno for everyone and a great time was had by all.  It isn’t often we get the chance to just catch up with each other and find out what people are doing in their lives it was great to chat.  The great thing about Llandudno is that you run into the other people you came along with throughout the day so it was great that when we were in Wetherspoons more and more people from Natural Breaks kept appearing and joining up – it was a bit of a takeover of the pub by all the people we support, friends and staff of Natural Breaks!”

Some people went on the arcades and others went to the shops it was a lovely day to be beside the seaside.  Anthony bought his sister a lovely fridge magnet, Paul bought Joyce a beautiful diffuser and Diane got a lovely owl bag, whatever you need it can be found in Llandudno, a real Welsh Treasure.

We will visit again soon no doubt!

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