At the end of 2023, Anthony will be celebrating one year working for British Heart Foundation.


Anthony began volunteering for his local British Heart Foundation store in November 2022. Since joining, he has helped organised and steam clothing in the stockroom before it hits the shelves – ready to be bought by customers.


Anthony is a very independent person and enjoys the responsibility that his employment gives him. His work environment is welcoming and laid back – with Anthony telling us “I don’t have a uniform, I just wear my clothes. It’s chilled like me”. This has helped him feel comfortable and relaxed at work, and Anthony’s confidence has blossomed through this placement.


His fellow employees are kind and are ready to help Anthony any time he may have a question.


The support team Anthony has, at Natural Breaks, support him to travel to and from work. All of our support worker teams, (in either Supported Living or Social & Learning) listen to individuals carefully so they know what matters to them and how they can support a person to live the life they want. Anthony’s team are no different. When Anthony expressed an interest in finding a volunteering work placement, his team supported him to find a role and company that was right for him.

In his own time, Anthony loves to listen to music of every genre. His favourite artists are 'The Who' and Bob Marley. 

Hear from Anthony

I really like all the people I work with. They’re all really nice and everyone is friendly”.  
 “I enjoy going to my job. I work two days a week and I like going and getting my job done”.