At the start of April, we were invited to attend the 61st Charter celebration of the Liverpool Lions Club.

Liverpool Lions and Newquay Lions have helped us to run our annual Newquay holiday, for the past 16 years.

Everybody had a ball on the night and it was so much fun. Anthony [supported by Natural Breaks] never fails with his singing and dancing. What an entertainer he is. 


Some of the people we support and staff who have been on our Newquay trip went along to support the event and had a fun filled night singing, dancing and also showing their support to the Liverpool Lions.

The night was really good and I enjoyed myself. I sang and danced the night away.

Attending the event was a good way to say thank you to Liverpool Lions for all their help and celebrate the work they do.

It was a wonderful night. It was great to see all my mates again who I go on the Newquay holiday with wonderful company and meeting new people. I had the chance to go round all the tables introducing myself and also enjoyed talking to them too and me, Jacqui and Anthony got the dancing started. Plus Anthony went on the stage and what a talented singer he is. 

We are really grateful that Liverpool Lions have confirmed that they will sponsor us this year to do our Newquay holiday again.

Sponsor means that Liverpool Lions will help us pay for our Newquay trip and help us sort where we will stay on our holiday and what we will do.

The group from Natural Breaks seemed to really enjoyed our Charter Night! We certainly enjoyed having them there. 

Having sponsorship from the Liverpool Lions means that people whom may not normally be able to go on holiday can go away and have an action filled week away whilst providing respite for parents and carers.

We had so much fun on the night! It was brilliant and enjoyed by all.


We are so happy and want to say a big thank you to both Liverpool and Newquay Lions for all of their support over the years.

Information about our Newquay holiday will be given to people we support and staff, later in the year.


For any other questions or queries, please call us on 0151 207 9120.