Natural Breaks enjoyed an absolutely awesome afternoon at the Liverpool Tate with our Tour Guide Ann.  The Liverpool Tate is the ‘Tate of the North’ and dedicated to showing modern art.

Ann showed us around the different galleries as some of the exhibitions there are for the Liverpool Biennial.  The theme of the Biennial is “Beautiful World Where Are You?” and we most definitely found it as we entered the Wolfson Gallery.  It was magical and we could hear birds singing, there were statues made of straw like wicker men and the columns were decorated with brightly coloured ribbons like on a maypole.  It felt like a lovely summer day.

We then went to look at the Op Art in Focus exhibition and it was eye-poppingly good!  David said “I really liked the picture that looked like it was moving”.  The floor was a Jim Lambie Zobop floor and it looked uneven but was really flat, it was amazing and made us feel a little unsteady on our feet.  There is so much to see and do.

We also went to the “Move Me” workshops and had a lot of fun.  We had to put different shapes on a wooden disc and slowly spin and see how things moved in the light and shade.  The final workshop we joined in was on the same theme of shapes but this time we did screen printing and then animated them on the computer.

We also spotted the Green Screen and couldn’t resist!  It was a great opportunity to get dressed up and see ourselves projected on the wall and we had a lot of laughs using this.

A massive thank you to Ann our Tour Guide and everyone at the Liverpool Tate for making our visit such a memorable one.

Tom said “The computer was the best.”

It was a fun day and a great chance to do something a little bit out of the ordinary!  If you would like to know more about working for Natural Breaks we would love to hear from you!